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With immense experience and training under some of the best ustaads, Utkarsh mastered the art of ghazals. He has performed at numerous Mehfils and left people in awe with his amazing performances. Utkarsh can perform some of the best and most popular ghazals along with classic songs. Singing at Mehfils requires a singer to master some of the toughest ghazals from the classic era and passion for singing is a must to do so. His harmonium skills are impeccable as well which are a must for mehfil singers.

Performing at mehfils is something totally different compared to other forms. It requires a singer to make sure people listening to him forget about everything else and just be there in that moment listening to his words. It requires a lot of training and live performance experience to master the art of ghazals. It is a rare and respected form of singing. Utkarsh has performed at numerous mehfils both nationally and Internationally. The training from the best ustaads in Ahmedabad along with years of practice is what has helped him perfect it. Utkarsh has become a known entity in the mehfil genre due to his amazing performances. Call now for more information.