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Perhaps the most underrated form of singing is Raas-Garba as people don’t acknowledge how difficult it is to learn it. Utkarsh can make the crowd go berserk with amazing Raas-Garba songs and keep raising the tempo as it creates the magic. Plus, being from Ahmedabad, Gujarat means that you know exactly what people love about Raas-Garba and the madness attached to it.

He has performed Raas-Garba songs with the top artists from all over Gujarat. Some of the major artists that he has performed with are Naynesh Jani, Satyen Vaghela, Bhumik Shah, Aishwarya Majumdar to name a few. The craze for Raas-Garba is around the world and Utkarsh has been almost everywhere performing it. The crowd at Navratri events is always in huge numbers and Utkarsh has performed in front of a crowd of nearly 35000 people. Successful outings bring in more offers which have allowed Utkarsh to perform in Europe and around the world since 2015. Utkarsh loves his tradition and performs wholeheartedly. For bookings and more information, call now.