Vocal Lessons

For people who aspire to become singers or want their children to get the best training to become one, it is best to start as early as people. The practice is what makes people perfect no matter what profession a person is in and learning from the best helps understand the art better. Utkarsh specializes in various forms of singing and offers services to train newcomers and upcomers to realize and achieve their dreams with top-class vocal training.

Bhajans - Utkarsh offers training to people who want to learn Indian Devotional music. Utkarsh provides vocal lessons for Bhajans starting from basic to advanced level. With his first performance being at the age of 5, Utkarsh can train anyone of any age with his immense knowledge and the right approach.

Sufi and Ghazals - You can learn Sufi and Ghazal singing from Utkarsh. It is one of the most loved as well as respected forms of singing and vocal lessons from a professional can help master the art. By being trained under the top ustaads, Utkarsh knows the ins and outs of it. Also, Utkarsh has his own approach which helps learn and understand it easily. The approach also depends on how the student fares in basic training. Practicing classical songs and Sufi ghazals requires a lot of focus and dedication from both sides.

Raas-Garba/Sugam-Sangeet - No one can teach Raas-Garba with more passion than a Gujarati at heart. Utkarsh provides vocal lessons where you learn the best ways of practicing it and improving yourself on a daily basis with it. Utkarsh also provides vocal lessons for sugam-sangeet, the light classical vocal is one of the most popular forms of music and can be considered a Gujarati version of Ghazal's.

So if you are looking for someone who can train you to become the best in the form of singing you love, get in touch. Utkarsh provides one on one lessons and group lessons to people. Focusing on their strengths he helps them develop their skills further. Call (+44)79 04001355 or email @ vocallessons@utkarshdave.com for more information and charges.